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Newsletter Issue 52 ( 15 March 2011 )

Cooperation agreement between Viet Nam and Tuscany expected soon
A cooperation agreement between the Italian region of Tuscany and Viet Nam, regarding economic, transport, health and cultural issues, is soon to be expected.
The Ambassador of Viet Nam, Mr Dang Khanh Thoai, met the President of the Region, Mr Enrico Rossi, and the Counsellor, Mr Gianfranco Simoncini. The Head of “Toscana Promozione” was also present at the meeting, which was held at Palazzo Strozzi Sacrati.
During the meeting the President Rossi and the Ambassador both expressed interest, on the part of the Tuscany region and of the Vietnamese government respectively, in strengthening mutual cooperation.
The Ambassador invited the President to go on an official visit to Viet Nam as soon as possible and he explained how the memorandum of understanding between the two governments represents the framework of an operational agreement, with concrete commitments towards economy, transport, health and culture.
The President, in welcoming the Ambassador, recalled the long history of friendship that binds Tuscany to Viet Nam and he expressed admiration for the economic growth that Viet Nam is showing.
Mr Rossi then highlighted the relevant presence in Viet Nam of Piaggio, a leading Italian scooter company, whose headquarters are in Pontedera, the city of which Mr. Rossi was a Mayor.
Furthermore, the President gave some examples of Tuscany’s industries, such as Breda for railways and Nuovo Pignone for construction of turbines. Health and culture have been pointed out as main issues for the following agreement.
The Ambassador, instead, stressed the strong desire of Viet Nam of becoming an industrialized country by 2020. More in detail, he informed of how the government is pushing for an internal development by planning, for example, to build a new high-speed railway line, 1,700 km long, which will connect the North and the South of the country. He also explained how the country needs new hospitals, that should be modern and at a provincial level (which corresponds to the regional organization in Italy). Finally, he emphasized how Viet Nam is interested not only in economic cooperation and investments, but also in relaunching cooperation with Tuscany in the fields of art, archaeology, architecture and culture.
Mr Rossi and the Ambassador Thoai agreed on realizing as soon as possible an agreement on the topics covered in the visit. (Tuscany Notice)

IFAD funds Viet Nam's agricultural development project
The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will allocate 48.35 million USD for a provincial-level project to support the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers in Viet Nam.
An agreement on the funding was signed in Roma on 25 February.
The funding, the largest that IFAD has given to Viet Nam so far, will be used for the northern province of Tuyen Quang, the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai and the southern province of Ninh Thuan in the 2011-2015 period.
IFAD President Kanayo F. Nwanze, who visited Viet Nam last November, spoke highly of what the Vietnamese government has gained in agriculture and rural development, describing Viet Nam as an excellent model for developing countries.
He referred to the fact that Viet Nam has become a rice exporter after struggling against food shortage for a long time and that the country has contributed to ensuring food security in the world.
The IFAD President affirmed that the fund will seek ways to raise the living conditions of Vietnamese rural people, especially ethnic minority people. The official also expressed hope that Viet Nam will increase further investment in developing agriculture and rural areas in the long term.
He pledged that he himself and IFAD will continue assisting the Vietnamese government and people. (Vietnam+)

Constrexim heading to overseas projects
Constrexim is a big company producing construction materials and doing exports and imports activities in the field of construction.
The company is a main contractor for industrial, civil, traffic and irrigation works, hydro power, underground and offshore projects, post office, cultural and sport works, airports, harbors, technical infrastructure for urban and industrial zones, water sewerage and supply, environmental projects, power line system and transformer stations.
It provides construction consultant services in setting up and implementation of investment projects such as urban, industrial and residential zones, technical infrastructure, offices for lease and public services, provide consultant services in drafting tender invitation documents and evaluating bidding documents, construction supervising and project management, purchasing material, technological equipment for construction works.
Rich of experience in installing steel structure, piles construction (concrete, sand, filling, barrette), stones exploitation and production, air conditioning and ventilation systems, elevators, electrical control systems, fire warning, observing cameras, sound system, the company also acts as an agent to bring Vietnamese employees and experts to work in a overseas projects.


Quang Ninh welcomes large numbers of tourists
Up to 885,200 tourists flocked to the northern province of Quang Ninh during February this year, representing a year-on-year increase of 8 percent. Of the figure 186,800 were foreigners.
In total, Quang Ninh received more than 1 million visitors in the first two months this year, earning over 500 billion VND.
In early March, over 2,400 tourists aboard the international cruise ships namely the Seabourn Sojourrne cruise liner of the US , the Amazara Quest (Pahamas) and the Costa Classica (Italy) arrived in the province's Ha Long bay.
Quang Ninh is in a hurry to complete the Ha Long Tourism Festival 2011 programme, which will be kicked off in April this year to lure more visitors.

Fairs and exhibitions
LifeStyle Viet Nam offering unique occasion for buyers
LifeStyle Viet Nam 2011, which will be held during 18-22 April 2011 in Ho Chi Minh City, provides a winning combination: exceptional creativity, fine craftmanship, well-selected merchandise and personalized customer service. The fair will be expanded to accomodate over 1,000 booths featuring innovative products for enhanced living experiences, home decoration and accessories.
This unique trade fair includes an extensive variety of home decorative items, traditional and innovative handicrafts, tabletop décor and houseware, furniture and furnishings, home textiles and embroidery, gifts and ethnic items, garden accessories and indispensable personal accessories in line with consumers practices. Many of these new designs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also produced with environmentally sound practices.
Furthermore, Lifestyle Viet Nam will be an opportunity to view one-of-a-kind pieces from choice Vietnamese designers, offering a unique occasion for buyers to buy rare selections and limited edition series. It is the most exclusive showing of beautiful products for living, decorating and resting.
Lifestyle Viet Nam has undergone careful selection of high exhibitors to create a comfortable viewing enviroment and positive business atmosphere.

Quoc Viet defines success by quality assurance for shrimp
Quoc Viet is an ultimate and ambitious supplier of shrimp products to Japan, Australia, Europe, Canada, Korea (DL 200) and many other countries. Every year it processes and exports more than 10,000 tons of shrimp of various choices.
Through its integrated supply chain management, Quoc Viet let customers be assured of food safety, environment responsibility, social soncerns, traceability. Always on top of the standards, the firm's quality strategy is based on certified processes such as HACCP, GMP, SSOP, BRC and ISO-22000 systems.
Having been known as a supportive and reliable partner, Quoc Viet keeps its high reputation by cooperating with customers to have accurate specifications of the products and add more values to products. Its workforce is highly educated up to date of skills, cutting-edge procedures and practices.
Quoc Viet only works with the suppliers who can guarantee that the shrimps they get are fresh and sustainable. The freshness and quality of our products are continuously and carefully monitored.


Merufa strikes niche market of medical rubber
Merufa is a medical rubber factory in Ho Chi Minh city, that was founded in 1987 from a project to manufacture condoms. From then on, the factory has been expanding to other products for taking care for people. These are some medical rubber tubes for using in treatment for patients after operation and heart treatment.
Nowaday, the factory supplies to market the following products:
• Condoms, made of Vietnamese natural rubber latex
• Surgical gloves, made of Vietnamese natural rubber latex
• Rubber stoppers, made of synthetic rubber for antibiotic and transfusion bottles and used for pharmaceutical factories and hospitals
• Some kinds of rubber catheters and penrose
Toymaker makes winning moves in export game
It's been eight years since Ho Vinh Hoang quit Hanoi Polytechnic University to develop toys and robots. His products under the Vietnamese brand, Tosy, are now being sold around the world.
The young man started by making flying toys, an area that Chinese toymakers dominated. His critics said the competition would be too stiff. Hoang said that Tosy’s safety standards and design position it well for the competition with Chinese products.
“Many developed countries like Germany want our products, provided that we allow them to use their brand name. But our strategy is to develop toys with the Vietnamese brand for export,” Hoang said.
In 2007, Hoang invented the TOPIO robot that can play table tennis to enter the IREX, an international robot exhibition in Japan. He hoped it would generate interest from international buyers. The IREX organizers did not accept Hoang’s entry application at first. It took him almost a year, including numerous visits to Japan and a factory inspection before his entry was approved for the expo.
Most recently, the company participated in Automatica in Germany in June 2010. TOPIO and other Tosy toys were also present at the World Fair of Toys in Hong Kong. TOPIO is in its 3.0 version now, with the latest in artificial intelligence, shock absorption, movement detectors and sound processors.
Vietnamese brands have very little presence in world high-tech manufacturing but Hoang and his company are making a dent. Currently, Tosy is distributing flying disks in Japan, Germany, Australia, Italy, South Korea, Turkey and Hong Kong. (SGT)

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